About Us

Dore Capitani

Dore Capitani lives life with the same energy that sizzles through his work, and he feels extremely fortunate to have been given the gift of creativity that allows him to bend, twist, and push molten metal into unique vision of art.

His sculptures of steel blend sharp edges with fluid motion reflecting his many years as a mechanical engineer in large manufacturing venues. Many of his pieces are reminiscent of the machinery he designed and built come to life.

Dores work has been shown in the prestigious Chicago Merchandise Mart. His functional sculptures grace hundreds of the finest homes in the North Shore area of Chicago.

Dore has sold pieces around the world and has several public displays currently showing in Palm Desert, City of Riverside, and his home town Idyllwild, Ca. where he was Artist of the Year.

When he was 7 years old he wrote: "When I grow up I will be a steel or iron worker.” Dore has lost none of his fascination with metals and considers it his life calling. He is entirely self-taught and has not been tainted by any formal education.

Trish Tuley

I left the corporate scene in 1993 and began making images of our intimate relationship with Nature. Self taught, I mostly shoot with film and use no colored filters.

I am co-author of Healing Ground published by Ten Speed Press. Exhibits include UC Riverside Museum of Photography, Maturango Museum, Death Valley Museum, Idyllwild’s Cafe Aroma, and Courtyard Gallery. The Art Alliance of Idyllwild honored me with Artist of the Year in 2002.

Slide presentations include environmental groups and collaborations with pianist Harry Pickens and Spirit Mountain Retreat. The ICRC presentation of Death Valley – A Sacred Journey became a DVD.

Nature is my meditation, my classroom, my inspiration.